Blockchain and Smart contract Based
Marketplace of Services and Goods

The international platform "" is a blockchain based marketplace of services and goods. The platform allows people from any country to sell and buy goods and services around the world.

Current Bonus: 100% (Two tokens for the price of one)
Before Pre-ICO end:


Presale stopped; Invested : 550,1 / 3500 ETH

How can you buy tokens?


How does it work

The seller opens a shop on the platform

The procedure is to press two buttons

The seller adds services or goods

It has a user-friendly control panel of goods, services and managers of the shop

The interested buyer makes an order

The funds are reserved on the smart contract after payment

The seller delivers goods and provides services

The seller confirms the shipment of the goods and the service completion in blockchain

The buyer receives the goods or services

The buyer confirms the goods receipt and service completion in blockchain

The seller receives the payment for the service or goods

The funds are transferred to the seller from the smart contract, except our commission, 1,5%

The seller and buyer evaluate the quality and time of the bargain

The seller and the buyer get marks based on the rating system

Advantages for everyone

Advantages for Investors:

  • Early investors are offered special pre-sale bonuses
  • On the first seven days of the pre-sale it is 100% (2 tokens for the price of 1)
  • On the second seven days of the pre-sale it is 50% (1,5 token for the price of one)
  • Smart contract sets bonuses for early investors during the ICO:
  • 30% in case of buying during the first week of ICO;
  • 20% in case of buying during the second week of ICO;
  • % in case of buying during the third week of ICO;
  • The obtained tokens can be used to pay for services of the platform or sold on the platform or stock market.
  • Advantages for your business:

  • The chance to sell and buy any services and goods without risk, for example, real and virtual services, from watermelons to helicopters, from hairdressers to "killers" etc;
  • The international register of reliable companies;
  • Set up different payment methods and deliver goods around the world;
  • Transparent tracking of payment confirmation, shipping and delivery of goods by means of smart contracts;
  • Unlimited quantity of stores of the same owner;
  • Division of access rights of the shop managers;
  • Convenient admin panel to control goods and services;
  • The system of rating and reviews;
  • Automatic document supply on blockchain;
  • Setting the price in tokens of the platform;
  • Convenient exchange of fiat currency and other coins to tokens of the platform and vice versa;
  • The opportunity to pay by tokens for the services of the platform
  • Decentralized arbitration of transactions;
  • Decentralized transaction insurance;
  • Escrow Service (transactions without risk);
  • Marketplace for services;
  • API and licenses submission to use the code of the platform;
  • Advantages for People:

  • The opportunity to buy goods around the world and pay by any ways including crypto currency;
  • Smart contract confirms the payment and delivery;
  • Exchange tokens to services and goods of users on the platform “”;
  • The opportunity for participants to join in virtual companies and represent their business;
  • The opportunity to pay by tokens for services of the platform
  • Speculative activity.
  • Advantages for the government and state:

  • Transparent transactions between business partners
  • Tokens of the platform

    In the ICO the price of one token is based on Ethereum and 1 token is 0,001 ETH (about 0,3 USD)

    Distribution of ICO fundsICO funds (ETH)
    Marketing, PR7000
    Integration of Businesses5250
    Bonus for developers1050
    Operational and Additional expences4200